Deng Ile: Lembah Ramma - Valley of Heroes, Heroes day

November 14, 2013

Lembah Ramma - Valley of Heroes, Heroes day

In this life sometimes we found Bingo thing, grateful for that. Feels like we found a coin in the old pants, get a food in a hungriest time, or meet with the new people who have a same character with us. tell me who doesn't happy at this scene?

Last week, Again. I found another awesome frame in my life. Meet with right place in the perfect moment. Any place behind the mountain, this is a valley. cold, awesome, and peaceful. If you know Malino it would never hard to find this place, from Malino just need a 2-3 hour to get to this place. Lembah Ramma (Ramma Valley) like we always call this is it. by walking between the tree, sometimes take a rest in a river, it doesn't really matter with what we gonna get at the end. 

Few days ago at 10 November is a Heroes Day in Indonesia. Different people with different celebrate. Look at your another screen to see how many kind of celebration from the Indonesian people's. Seems like that, what i get now in this place is some people go out to the mountain or this valley to celebrate the Heroes Day. I don't know what this mean but its doesn't matter about how do you celebrate this but actually did you know what the Heroes mean? Out of my head i think this people going up to see and enjoy the result of the fight. yeah this is the country that we fight for. i think..or may be they're doing another something awesome like clean up the valley, plant a tree, etc. Another people with a different celebration.

At this time i learn and think how i look what the heroes mean if we want to sync with this era. cause when we say heroes and we think about war, fighting, blood, gun.. its wrong! At this time it could be different. As the first President of Indonesia 'Soekarno' has said: My battle is easy cause i fight to extrude the imperialist, but your battle would be hard cause you fight with your nation. this is what happen now, we don't need to take a gun but we need to think and act to much to find more solution of problem for this country.

When i simplify what the heroes mean i just think the heroes is people who can be useful for their friend, and more people and useful for their-self. just it.

Became a hero, or just calm and sitting down.? choose what you want.

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