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Oktober 07, 2013

Smoker and the other guy

       Indonesia is an any country that have a big cigarette industry in this world. production and consuming its growing year by year. in office, field, toilet, even on the road there so much smoke out from the people's nose, even the smoke is bad for some people. smoking became the real murderer doesn't calculate by more smoker.
In the real life, there so many people also became the anti smoker, against smoke, very active on anti smoke campaign. but in another side the smoker growing although the campaign its became on the biggest scale. so what's wrong in this case?
different people have a different reason why they still touch the cigarette and keep smoking everyday. like smoking to get inspire, smoking to refresh their mind, stress, or even the smoker doesn't have any reason. so, are the anti smoker thinking that reason before the campaign?
any reason also why I write this because I have get some warning by my friend. they want get respect each other by respect to the people are not smoking. I am the smoker and he is the smoker-free, they judge me to don't smoke in the everywhere cause it can be not good for they. and wheel, its I do. but it came bullshit when they say you don't understand how pain I fill when I get  bronchitis cause your smokes. what? no, I don't answer it. you can be get more pain if you know how stupid you are.
although passive smoker is more dangerous than active smoker why you still became the passive? I mean don't smoke too, but why you don't take so far from the smoker? logically, the smoker enjoy with the smoke-free, and the smoker-free doesn't enjoy with the smoker? but some smoke-free enjoy with the smoker, so which one must take away?
forgetting the passive and active, in the stupid way you say bronchitis, like I don't know what is the bronchitis. are you really know what the doctor say in the hospital when you get sick? are the doctor really check overall the reason why you get sick? ha?
you know? the rule of the dangerous of the smoking is up to your body, the condition of your body. when your body doesn't have any immune of that you may be get sick, but if your body on fit probably more you don't get affect.
can I ask? do you have any track of your sick? did you using masker on you work? or when you go out with your bike did you use the standard of healthy? not just the helmet but it also about masker and the jacket. if it cause of smoke, when did you get smoke from the smoker? house? office? are you really have a smoker friend? cause I ask, and you said you get sick not from my smoke.
Saturday, October 5, 2013

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